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@IMPRESSleeds Most of you will be aware that the first phase of our funding drew to a close at the end of 2018 but the work of IM……

IMPRESS is a health science initiative which aims to encourage more engineers and scientists to work on researching new technologies for incontinence.

Many clinical challenges persist in the field of incontinence because it is a condition that historically has received relatively little attention in the research environment. IMPRESS has been developing a national multidisciplinary network for incontinence research and we work to showcase the difficulties of dealing with this condition as a way of drawing together scientific experts, facilitating new research collaborations and inspiring novel ideas for next generation treatments.


What Has IMPRESS Achieved So Far?

8 Partners
4 Years Running
11 IMPRESS Events
6 International Presentations
19 Funded Projects
13 Publications


IMPRESS is a medical technologies research project funded by an EPSRC and NIHR partnership. It aims to boost research collaborations related to incontinence.


We host incontinence focused multi-disciplinary events for knowledge exchange and networking opportunities.


We fund early stage research projects which seek to address incontinence needs with novel use of technologies.


We regulate our work through a team of academic, healthcare, industry and charity partners.


The impact of our work so far is evidenced by a range of publications from research papers to broad reach articles and even comics.

The Future

Where Are We Going?

Since 2014 IMPRESS has been funded by a partnership between the National  Institute of Health Research (NIHR) and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council  (EPSRC). This first phase of funding drew to a close at the end of 2018 but the work of IMPRESS continues. Going forward IMPRESS will be managed by the Surgical Medtech Cooperative under their Colorectal Theme.

During 2019 IMPRESS will forge ahead, developing a number of projects in partnership with the Surgical MedTech, using their industry links to help translate incontinence ¬†technologies further towards patient benefit. Some of the highlights we’re excited to be working on include:

Kids Wearable Tech:¬†Starting in 2018 and building on a range of workshops in collaboration with TITCH¬†, we’ve seen huge enthusiasm from¬†children, families and healthcare professionals in the early prototypes¬†we’ve developed for a smart device app¬†to help¬†primary school aged children manage their continence issues.¬†In 2019 we will continue to refine the design, working¬†alongside Bristol University who are developing a similar aid for secondary school aged children.

Rethinking the Female Urinal: Working in conjunction with D4D and researchers at Bristol¬†University we’ve been developing concepts and prototypes for improved female urinals. This is an area of huge unmet need and from our early work there is clear potential for innovations that could bring benefit in a range of circumstances.

Faecal Pellet Sensor: IMPRESS supported this early-stage technology development work which demonstrated the promise of enhanced sensing for the diagnosis of faecal incontinence and improved long term treatment. The technology is maturing and will now benefit from the support of the Surgical MedTech in moving towards pre-clinical evaluation.

IMechE Incontinence the Engineering Challenge XII: We’re excited to be involved in this conference. Dr Pete Culmer is co-organising the event alongside colleagues from across the IMPRESS network. More information¬†here.

meet the team


Pete Culmer
Pete Culmer
IMPRESS Principal Investigator
Dr Peter Culmer is an associate Professor in the School of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Leeds, and Engineering Lead for the...
Richard Day
Richard Day
IMPRESS Co-Investigator
Dr Richard Day is a Reader in Regenerative Medicine, based in the Division of Medicine at University College London. He currently leads a...
Michael Bryant
Michael Bryant
IMPRESS Research Lead
Dr Michael Bryant is a Lecturer within the School of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Leeds research. His research addresses the...
What we’ve been up to

Recent News

Happy Young App Testers have fun at our Kid’s Wearable Tech Workshop

Happy Young App Testers have fun at our Kid’s Wearable Tech Workshop

A fun day was had by all at our Kids Wearable Tech workshop on Saturday 8th December 2018 at the Thackray Medical Museum. We welcomed back 11 families who...

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Incontinence in Zambia article published

Incontinence in Zambia article published

Last year IMPRESS posted a Incontinence in Zambia Blog  which we developed through our Global Heath links folllowing our IMPRESS side event at the WEDC 2018...

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IMPRESS at BioMedEng18

IMPRESS at BioMedEng18

From the left: Dr Bhavik Patel, Dr Nicola Irwin, Prof Jenny Southgate, Dr John Young, Prof Alan Cottenden, Dr Thelma Lovick, Dr Peter Culmer – –A small...

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