Incontinence in Zambia: First Impressions

by Claire Scott



I have made it to Lusaka! Three flights via two countries and more than 24 hours after leaving the heat wave in London, I landed in the Zambian capital to be greeted with a very warm welcome.

I am spending this week with the Quality Effectiveness Department of Plan Zambia, based in Lusaka. Together we are planning the research to be conducted over the next few weeks in the Chibombo and Kabwe districts of the Central Province of Zambia. The team is also teaching me the basics of Zambian culture (I should eat nshima everyday) and the Nyanja language (one of many in Zambia, but I’m not a natural linguist!). I have also been fortunate to meet many of the wider Plan Zambia team and to learn more about the organisation and the programs underway across the country.

I have not ventured far from the office yet but the Lusaka that I have seen is well cared for and it is beautifully in bloom as the rainy season ended only recently.  I am looking forward to exploring the city a little more before we travel north to Kabwe next week, when the research will truly begin!

Tizaonana manje manje (see you soon in Nyanja)!