IMPRESS at IMechE Conference: Incontinence the Engineering Challenge XI

IMPRESS at IMechE Conference: Incontinence the Engineering Challenge XI

IMPRESS  would like to express our huge gratitude to Coloplast who sponsored our poster competition at the IMechE : Incontinence the Engineering Challenge XI conference in London in November 2017. The winner of the poster prize was Dr Jon Crook (pictured here with his team), a Research Associate in the School of Physiology, Pharmacology & Neuroscience at the University of Bristol. He won the award for his contribution to research on using stimulation of the pelvic nerve to manage urinary incontinence investigating the Absence of ‘Off Target’ Effects during High Frequency Stimulation to Suppress Imminent Voids in Anaesthetised Rats.

In addition to running the poster competition, IMPRESS Principal Investigator Dr Peter Culmer and TITCH Research Designer, Gemma Wheeler,  presented a summary of our Kid’s Toilet Talk workshop held in September 2017, explaining the novel methodology and the findings in understanding the toileting needs of school aged children.

IMPRESS also partnered with Devices for Dignity Healthcare Technologies Co-operative to facilitate small group brainstorming sessions focussing on product development ideas for next generation incontinence products.

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