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About Us

Our Mission

To inspire a change in mind-set towards incontinence research by promoting novel engineering-science solutions to meet the long-held needs of people who live with this life-changing condition.

Objective 1
To highlight the need and opportunities for novel incontinence technologies through events and social media.
Objective 2
To catalyse sustainable research activity through our IMPRESS Proof-of-Concept Funding schemes.
Objective 3
To increase multidisciplinary incontinence research collaboration by linking our diverse network of scientific experts with clinical, patient and industry representatives and supporting them through our IMPRESS Research Roadmap.

Many of the technologies used to treat or manage incontinence have seen little innovation in decades. By striving to attract our wealth of engineering and science expertise in the UK and by working to develop a diverse network of academics, healthcare professionals, patients and industry representatives, IMPRESS offers the opportunity for a significant change in mind-set towards research in the field of incontinence and the real possibility that ground breaking engineering solutions will emerge to overcome some of the long held needs of people who endure daily life with this condition.

As new research partnerships and concepts emerge IMPRESS aims to catalyse early stage work through pilot funding schemes. Whilst a significant amount of further research, clinical trials and commercialisation work is needed before such innovations could become available, IMPRESS’s support acts as a springboard enabling each piece of work to reach a point where obtaining future funding from other bodies becomes significantly more attainable.

I work in the area of incontinence technology because I believe it has received less attention from the engineering community and I think my research in soft-system technology can have direct and immediate impact on this technology and quality of life on this patient group.

Dr Ali AlazmaniIMPRESS Research Lead

Incontinence technologies are really one of neglected areas in bio-engineering over the last 50 years where we’ve seen other areas flourish and the technology we have got today haven’t really evolved in the last few years.

Dr Michael BryantIMPRESS Research Lead

Incontinence is an area where there is a huge clinical need, people need new products and new technology development. As an engineer, I would like to think I could make a difference in that area and there is not enough activity in the area at the moment.

Dr Pete CulmerIMPRESS Principal Investigator
Dr Pete Culmer
meet the team


Pete Culmer
Pete Culmer
IMPRESS Principal Investigator
Dr Peter Culmer is an associate Professor in the School of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Leeds, and Engineering Lead for the...
Richard Day
Richard Day
IMPRESS Co-Investigator
Dr Richard Day is a Reader in Regenerative Medicine, based in the Division of Medicine at University College London. He currently leads a...
Michael Bryant
Michael Bryant
IMPRESS Research Lead
Dr Michael Bryant is a Lecturer within the School of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Leeds research. His research addresses the...
Ali Alazmani
Ali Alazmani
IMPRESS Research Lead
Dr Ali Alazmani is a Tenure-Track Research Fellow in Surgical Technologies. His main research interest is in the design and development of...
Elena Mancuso
Elena Mancuso
IMPRESS Research Fellow
Dr Elena Mancuso is a biomedical engineer. She studied at Politecnico di Torino in Italy before moving to the UK to take a PhD in...
Sarah King
Sarah King
IMPRESS Project Manager
Sarah King is an experienced project manager who moved into the academic research sector in 2011. She studied architecture at the University of...
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