IMPRESSplus call 2016 funded projects

Faecal Pellet Sensor

  • Principal Investigator

    Dr Bhavik Patel, University of Brighton

  • Co-Investigators

    Dr Mark Yeoman, University of Brighton

    Dr Derek Covill, University of Brighton


Currently no technologies exist that can fully understand how faecal matter within the rectum directs relaxation of the internal anal sphincter muscle leading to coordinated defaecation. This study will develop a sensor shaped like a faecal pellet that can simultaneously monitor muscle tone and signalling during the process of defaecation.

The novelty of this device is that it can sense chemical signalling in the organ in addition to muscle contraction and therefore goes beyond current diagnostic techniques such as manometry. It is also a less invasive procedure. This device has the potential to enable particular types of incontinence to be sub-classified for more personalised treatment.

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