IMPRESSplus call 2017 funded projects

Penile Compressive Device

  • Principal Investigator

    Prof Mandy Fader, Dean of Health Sciences
    University of Southampton

  • Co-Investigators

    Dr Joseph Lemmens, University of Southampton
    Jackie Broadbridge, University of Southampton
    Margaret Macaulay, University of Southampton
    Prof Dan Bader,  University of Southampton
    Rowland Rees, Urologist, University Hospital Southampton
    Marcus Drake, Urologist, University Hospital Southampton
    Matthew Archer, Nurse Specialist, University Hospital Southampton


This project involves the design of a clamp for managing male urinary incontinence. These devices compress the penile urethra where it passes through the penile shaft. Two small clinical trials have shown that clamps can be effective and have many advantages over other products, being very secure, small and discreet. However existing clamps were found to present major shortcomings, in particular pain and discomfort, and the most effective clamp was found to restrict blood supply to the penis the most.

Investigators at Southampton University have designed a prototype new generation clamp. It is based on the shortcomings of existing available clamps which were identified in an earlier phase of their work and on an improved understanding of the issues from clinical investigation into the impact of a group of preferred clamps on penile circulation, skin integrity and on patient assessment of pain, discomfort and ease of use.

The project aims to estimate the performance of the prototype clamp in terms of its effectiveness at preventing urine leakage, its acceptability to men, specifically comfort in use, and its impact on penile blood flow and skin health.

This work has also recently been awarded a iCURe grant for Innovation-to-Commercialisation from the SETsquared NetworK which ultimately will allow the investigators to take the prototype model and develop it into a commercially viable model.

Incontinence Management & PRevention through Engineering and ScienceS